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Jay Gruden ‘fully anticipate[s]’ Kirk Cousins back in Washington in 2017

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Will somebody make a Godfather offer for Cousins?

The San Francisco 49ers have questions to answer at their quarterback position, and it is no surprise they have been connected to Washington quarterback Kirk Cousins. However, if Washington head coach Jay Gruden has any say, he seems to want Cousins back. He told the media he “fully anticipate[s]” Cousins being back with the team this coming season.

There is a lot to be sorted out for Cousins. He is due to hit free agency after spending the 2016 season playing under the franchise tag. Washington could tag him again, with either the exclusive or non-exclusive tag. They would pay a huge sum, which makes it more likely they would want to try and work out a long term contract.

If Washington potentially places one of the franchise tags on him, there is a good chance the team will also pursue potential trade options. It doesn’t mean they will work out a deal, but there is a right price for anybody.

It will make for an interesting discussion between Scot McCloughan and Jay Gruden. McCloughan has the final say, but I have to think he would get some kind of input from Gruden. Whether it is enough to get a deal done remains to be seen. And if the 49ers, or any other team offers a sizable package to get Cousins, it might be too hard to resist. Until something gets worked out in some form or fashion, Kyle Shanahan and the 49ers will be linked to Cousins for the foreseeable future.