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Jed York expects significant hires to happen week after Super Bowl

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The 49ers will take time filling the rest of their coaching and football operations staffs, but the big hires will happen soon enough.

The San Francisco 49ers will conduct second interviews with Kyle Shanahan, George Paton, and Terry McDonough this weekend, and that will be followed by at least a week of waiting for something formal. 49ers CEO Jed York met with the media on Tuesday, and said the organization needed to be patient on this process. In a brief follow-up with CSN Bay Area columnist Ray Ratto, he said the plan is to make the significant hires in that week immediately after the Super Bowl. This is expected given that the 49ers have to wait on Shanahan. And they are likely to announce the GM hire at the same time.

York did say they would not have the staffs filled out immediately, but the head coach and GM hires would likely be done at that point. And of course all that puts the 49ers in an odd position right now. The Shrine Game was last week and the Senior Bowl was this week. The team continues to use their existing scouting and front office staff to handle the workload during these weeks. The teams scouts are in Mobile, AL this week for the Senior Bowl. Additionally, Matt Barrows is reporting assistant GM Tom Gamble and director of college scouting Matt Malaspina are in Mobile. Neither is surprising given their roles with the team.

There has been discussion about how the scouting staff will be filled out once the team has a new general manager. There have been frequent comments by the team’s beat writers that the scouting staff will likely stay intact through the 2017 NFL Draft. Once the draft is a wrap, and the team begins looking ahead to the 2018 NFL Draft, any organizational restructure would then happen. And it makes sense given how much work the current scouts have put into creating reports on the 2017 class. Once there is a relatively fresh slate for 2018, the timing is likely better.