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Kyle Shanahan named Sporting News Coordinator of the Year

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The honors are flowing in for the likely next 49ers head coach.

The San Francisco 49ers will hold their second interview with Kyle Shanahan this weekend, and as it approaches, Shanahan is continuing to receive more praise. A week after the Pro Football Writers of America voted Shanahan Assistant Coach of the Year, the Sporting News has named him Coordinator of the Year.

The honors are not surprising given how well the Atlanta Falcons offense has performed this season. They have a lot of quality skill position players, but under the guidance of Shanahan, the unit has surged forward in a huge way this season. And considering Dan Quinn is more of a defensive-minded head coach, Shanahan is effectively the head coach of the offense. He has been in full control and developed a unit that is the best in the NFL.

Shanahan will not have quite the same talent when he likely joins the 49ers. By all recent accounts, he will likely have significant say on adding the talent he needs, but it is going to be a lengthy rebuilding process. The 49ers have a lot of significant assets at their disposal this offseason, and they are going to need to hit on a lot of them to get this rebuilding process moving in a strong direction.