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Report: Scuttlebutt at Senior Bowl about Mark Dominik, 49ers

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The 49ers have qualified candidates in front of them. Just get this done.

The San Francisco 49ers will look to wrap up their general manager and head coach search processes this weekend when they meet with Kyle Shanahan, George Paton, and Terry McDonough in Atlanta. If the 49ers do not get things sorted out at the GM position, the team will need to re-open their search process. And one particular name has popped up a couple times now.

CBS Sports NFL reporter Jason La Canfora tweeted that there has been a, “[l]ot of scuttlebutt among personnel guys at the Senior Bowl that ex-Tampa GM Mark Dominik could end up with the 49ers.”

We take La Canfora with a grain of salt at times, as he sometimes throws some stuff against the wall. However, this is not the first time Dominik’s name has been mentioned in connection with the 49ers. Sometime last week, Pro Football Talk suggested him as a potential candidate if the 49ers open the process up (I can’t find the link). Additionally, it sounds like FOX Sports mentioned him as a potential candidate. I think in both instances it was primarily as an option if the need arose.

It is also worth noting that Dominik works for ESPN. This does not mean he is unqualified, but I imagine he knows how this game is played. Maybe there is legitimate discussion about Dominik, but I wonder if this is potentially Dominik trying to make sure the 49ers are aware he would be interested.

The 49ers have some experienced options available if things don’t work out with Paton or McDonough. Dominik has experience, and of course, Scott Pioli remains an option, particularly in light of the Falcons connection with Shanahan. At this point though, I’m just hoping the 49ers get this figured out rather than be sent running in circles trying to find a GM. Paton and McDonough seem to be eminently qualified candidates, so hopefully this gets handled this weekend.