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Tony Romo hung out with John Elway Inauguration weekend

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Is there any way Tony Romo does not end up with the Broncos?

This is a few days old now, but still worth a share. Numerous folks were in Washington, D.C. for a variety of activities over Inauguration weekend, and that included Denver Broncos executive John Elway, and Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo. They were spotted together at a party for congressman Kevin McCarthy.

I imagine business was not high on the list, but does anybody actually think they did not talk about a potential trade? Elway would have to get the deal done with Jerry Jones, but I imagine there would be at least some discussion about Romo’s contract in any deal. He is signed through 2019, with salaries of $14 million, $19.5 million, and $20.5 million. After a trade, there would be no guaranteed money, so the Broncos would not be in a bad position in a deal. But a new deal could happen in this kind of move.

Does Romo end up with anybody but the Broncos? One reason the Broncos decided to hire Vance Joseph over Kyle Shanahan is John Elway felt a massive overhaul was not needed, and Shanahan would mean that more than Joseph. They have a great defense, and a lot of notable skill position players on offense. But they have huge questions at quarterback. Romo’s health is always a concern, but he would be an upgrade over Trevor Siemian.

Other teams might get into the mix of this, but I would be surprised if he ended up anywhere else.