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Colts complete interview with GM candidate George Paton

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Next up for George Paton, the San Francisco 49ers.

The Indianapolis Colts announced Thursday morning that they have completed interviews with GM candidates Chris Ballard and George Paton. In the coming days they will interview Eliot Wolf, Trent Kirchner, and Scott Fitterer. I believe they have already had an internal interview with Jimmy Raye III.

For San Francisco 49ers fans, this means we now get to wait and see what leaks out from the Colts, and then what happens this weekend with the 49ers. I don’t expect much out of the Colts for the time being until they get closer to wrapping up their interviews. We might hear something about person X doing a good job, but the news will probably not pick up for them for at least a few more days.

The 49ers will meet with Paton and Terry McDonough this weekend, hoping one of them creates a connection with Kyle Shanahan. It is entirely possible the 49ers settle their own GM search before the leaks really start coming out about the Colts search. Matt Maiocco reported earlier today that there is a good chance the 49ers will hire one of the two GM candidates, but it is not a lock. That’s not exactly breaking news, but one more little piece of insight from someone “close to the 49ers search.” See ya on Saturday!