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Golden Nuggets: Welcome to the show

San Francisco 49ers links for Friday january 27, 2017

Good morning! Is everyone ready for the Jed and Kyle show with special guests George Paton and Terry McDonough on Saturday morning? According to Matt Maiocco, the 49ers will be meeting with Kyle Shanahan tonight to iron out the second interviews.

We have heard so much “stuff”. Things like Kyle preferring either Paton or McDonough or how Paton will not accept the job in spite of doing a second interview. So much social media drama, so much speculation and who knows if any of it is true? I personally don’t think Shanahan would be wasting his precious time doing interviews if he already knew which general manager he wanted. The last thing he needs to be doing is wasting his time on a worthless interview when he could be preparing for the biggest day of his life.

I also don’t think Paton would be wasting his time traveling to Atlanta for a worthless interview, not to mention how he would be making himself look like a self entitled schmuck by wasting Shanahan’s time. Something like that should go over well with future potentially interested teams.

I included a link to Dwight Clark’s visit to “Murph & Mac” on Monday. It is a pretty fun read if you missed it. I would also highly recommend “Maiocco On 49ers Lack of Interest in Scott Pioli”. Have a nice weekend.

Now onto those fabulous hot links:

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