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2017 NFL Draft rankings: Grades on the top 10 players available

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The 49ers have a shot at one of the best players in the draft. Now they just have to decide who that is.

The 2017 Senior Bowl is wrapping up practice this week, and will have the annual game on Saturday. The first stage of the draft process comes to a close with the game, marking the final of three all star games. Players then begin preparation for the 2017 NFL Combine, while teams are back continuing to sort through their draft boards.

In the meantime, has released their ranking of all draft eligible players. They grade players on a scale of 1-to-10, with a 9.0-10.0 ranking representing a “once in a lifetime player.” In their 2017 rankings, Texas A&M pass rusher Myles Garrett is the highest rated player at 7.6. A player with a grade between 7.5 and 7.99 is viewed as a potential future all-pro. LSU running back Leonard Fournette has a 7.1 grade, which falls under “Pro Bowl to All-Pro Ability.”

Odds seem pretty good the 49ers will spend their first round pick on one of these guys. If they are thinking other quarterbacks, DeShaun Watson graded out No. 16. If they are thinking wide receiver, Mike Williams graded out No. 18. If they are thinking of an alternative pass rusher, Derek Barnett graded out No. 21. View them all here.

1. Myles Garrett, OLB, Texas A&M - 7.6
2. Leonard Fournette, RB, LSU - 7.1
3. Mitch Trubisky, QB, North Carolina - 6.8
4. Solomon Thomas, DE, Stanford - 6.8
5. Jonathan Allen, DE, Alabama - 6.8
6. Malik Hooker, S, Ohio State - 6.7
7. Jamal Adams, S, LSU - 6.6
8. Taco Charlton, DE, Michigan - 6.5
9. Malik McDowell, DT, Michigan State - 6.5
10. Dalvin Cook, RB, Florida State - 6.5