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Tom Brady Sr. says son is better than Montana

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It’s another Super Bowl, Brady/Montana comparison thread. Shouldn’t be surprised that the elder Brady sides with his kid.

Another Super Bowl for the New England Patriots means we need to dust off that now-yearly comparison between Joe Montana and Tom Brady. This one comes from Brady’s father, Tom Brady Sr. The elder Brady was a guest on KNBR’s Murph & Mac show and got asked the expected question. Given that his son is one of the best quarterbacks ever, he gave a pretty expected answer. Before we go any further I transcribed the question and the answer and urge you to listen to the podcast at the 11:25 mark to hear the mood/tone firsthand:

What’s the Brady Household’s official line? Who’s the greater quarterback? Joe Montana or Tom Brady?

Listen guys, I don’t want to be stoned, I live in the Bay Area. I don’t need to be crucified, but at the same time you don’t want me to just be giving you paddlin’ right? Frankly, I think that story has already been told. God bless Joe, I watched every game that Joe ever played, I love Joe, but I think seven Super Bowls is better than four Super Bowls. I think the seven super bowls. You have the highest winning percentage in history, you’ve got third highest passer rating in history, most post season victories, you’ve won 48 percent [sic] of the games of the seasons that you have participated in to get to the super bowls so getting to seven super bowls in 16 years surpasses anything else anybody has ever done in the Super Bowl era.

Tom Brady’s resume includes 4 Super Bowl wins, two loses, one to be decided in Houston next week. and deflategate. Montana’s resume includes 4 Super Bowl wins, one of which had him fighting with Steve Young for playing time, which led to him being shipped off to Kansas City. Obviously Montana and Brady both played in different eras of the NFL, and the argument can be made that Brady wouldn’t survive in Montana’s NFL and Montana would have more wins in Brady’s.

But his father has a point, seven Super Bowls. It takes an great quarterback to win four of those, also takes a great quarterback to make it to seven.

So here we go. Another thread: Who is the GOAT and why?