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Report: George Paton had strong interview with Colts, would accept if offered the job

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Now, we wait for the 49ers follow-up interview with the Minnesota Vikings executive.

The San Francisco 49ers are scheduled to have a second interview with Minnesota Vikings assistant general manager George Paton on Saturday, but they face competition. Paton interviewed with the Indianapolis Colts on Thursday, and according to one report, it went extremely well. Indianapolis-based FOX sportscaster Chris Hagan tweeted that Paton would be inclined to accept the Colts job if it was offered.

On Thursday, we saw John Clayton’s comments about how he thinks based on his knowledge of Paton, that the executive might not take the 49ers job. Clayton talked about how Paton might want the personnel control, which likely would include final say over the 53-man roster. Paton has been patient in recent years, turning down numerous interview opportunities. With the Colts, he likely would have final say over the 53-man roster, as well as having a franchise quarterback in Andrew Luck already in the stable.

Paton is one of six candidates interviewing for the Colts GM job. It seems too early to say where he fits in the ranking of the six candidates. Paton is a well respected executive, so even if he did not get the Colts job and did not want the 49ers job, odds are good he would get another chance next year.

The 49ers will sit down with Paton, Kyle Shanahan, and Terry McDonough on Saturday. Shanahan will get a chance to meet the two executives in order to determine if they are able to work together. Paton’s first interview was three weeks ago today, and occurred the same day the 49ers interviewed Shanahan. Paton’s interview took place before Shanahan’s interview. However, if Shanahan has indeed made it clear he wants control of the 53-man roster, as many have speculated, I would like to think San Francisco made that clear to Paton in discussing a follow-up interview.

Paton accepted a second interview, so if not having control of the 53-man roster is on the table, he has to recognize that. If that is the case, this does not mean he is completely on board with it heading into the second interview. But he might be curious about the discussion surrounding it. If Paton does not get the job, or withdraws his name, we’ll likely never know for certain. In the meantime, we’ll see what comes of the two options.