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Colts wrap up interviews with Seahawks executives Trent Kirchner, Scott Fitterer

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Maybe we get some answers to the 49ers side of this equation by Saturday evening or Sunday morning.

The Indianapolis Colts are 2/3 of the way through their first round of interviews for their vacant general manager position. A day after interviewing Chris Ballard and George Paton, the Colts announced that they have completed interviews with Seahawks co-directors of player personnel Trent Kirchner and Scott Fitterer. They have interviews remaining with Eliot Wolf and Jimmy Raye III.

There is no word on when those remaining interviews will take place, although I would imagine they will be sometime this weekend. Raye works for the Colts, so that is a particularly easy interview to handle. Wolf is likely in Mobile, Alabama for the Senior Bowl, and while tomorrow is game-day, they could take care of it before the game.

The 49ers will conduct their finalist interviews on Saturday in Atlanta. The Falcons depart for Houston the next day, and so the 49ers get this window for one last chat. If they are able to nail down one of the GM candidates with Kyle Shanahan, I suspect we hear a report of some sort before Saturday is finished. The team won’t formally announce anything until after the Super Bowl, but I think most of us would be surprised if a lid is kept on it entirely.

The Shanahan stuff is all but done based on reports, but the GM news is still left to be finalized. If they don’t get a deal done with one of the general managers, I’m sure that will get out as well. But Saturday night or Sunday morning will hopefully offer us a little more clarity.