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Could Mike Shanahan end up joining Kyle with the 49ers?

This would not be entirely surprising, but it could just be idle speculation for now.

The San Francisco 49ers are in a position where head coach candidate Kyle Shanahan has effectively all of the leverage. He has not been formally hired as head coach, but all indications are that he is effectively set as the next head coach of the 49ers.

Shanahan is set to meet this weekend with the 49ers and the team’s two GM candidates, George Paton and Terry McDonough. It would appear he is effectively choosing the GM candidate he likes best. But whether or not he picks one of the two, is it possible Shanahan works it out so his dad has a job in the organization? Pro Football Talk is reporting that chatter in league circles is that little Shanahan will try and get a job for big Shanahan with the 49ers.

“Chatter in league circles” is such a nebulous phrase. It is not as definitive as “sources are saying” and would suggest more speculation by non-49ers folks projecting based on Kyle Shanahan’s current leverage over the 49ers, and his relationship with his dad. It could be a serious thing, it could be something Kyle and/or Mike has told people in league circles, or it could just be idle speculation.

It would not be entirely surprising to see them connected given their history together. And Shanahan certainly did some quality work in Washington from a personnel perspective, so it’s not like it’s the absolute worst idea in the world. But, if it proves to be true, it could add a bit of a wrinkle to this whole process.