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49ers meeting with George Paton on Friday following his Thursday interview

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The 49ers are meeting with one of their GM candidates a day earlier than some expected.

Fooch’s update: 49ers offered a clarification

The San Francisco 49ers are expected to meet with Kyle Shanahan and their general manager candidates on Saturday, but they have one of their meetings happening a day earlier, according to a Colts beat writer. Stephen Holder tweeted that the 49ers are meeting with George Paton today.

The 49ers have not announced the interview yet. The team’s PR department has announced each of the interviews thus far. An announcement could be forthcoming, but it is also possible this is not the formal second interview. Given the Colts interest in Paton, this meeting could be about whether or not Paton wants to continue and meet with Shanahan.

If Paton wants a chance to control the 53-man roster, odds are good he would not get that completely with Shanahan as head coach. It is not a certainty, but all indications suggest Shanahan will probably have significant say on the roster. We don’t know where Paton stands with the Colts and if an offer could come from them, but he has also shown great patience the last few years in turning down opportunities until the perfect one comes along. We’ll have to wait and see, but today and tomorrow could shake things out with Paton in fairly short order.