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49ers arrive in Atlanta with meeting schedule that includes Friday, Saturday interviews

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The 49ers have three interviews on the docket for Friday and Saturday in Atlanta. Here is where things stand and who will meet when.

The San Francisco 49ers have arrived in Atlanta to begin what they and us hope will be the final phase of the search process. The team’s PR department has informed the media that Jed York and Paraag Marathe have arrived in Atlanta and will meet with Kyle Shanahan shortly. They will then add George Paton to the mix on Friday evening, and according to the 49ers beat writers, they will meet with Terry McDonough on Saturday.

Colts beat writer Stephen Holder had reported the 49ers were going to meet with Paton today, but did not include a mention of Shanahan. The 49ers have been transparent on the days they have interviews, and have clarified the situation once more.

It will be interesting to see what we hear later tonight or into tomorrow before McDonough interviews. If the 49ers and Paton are on the same page Friday evening, I would have to think an offer is made before the end of the night. We don’t know where things stand from the roster control perspective, so that will likely be in play this evening during the discussion. But if they can come to an agreement on the split of power, this could all be wrapped up by the end of the day Friday. Again, this is assuming Paton is their guy and he is good to go with what the 49ers are offering.