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Tom Gamble and 49ers scouting staff at the Senior Bowl

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It was business as usual for the 49ers college scouts at the Senior Bowl

The San Francisco 49ers have still not officially hired a head coach or general manager, but business is going on as usual for the scouting department. Tom Gamble and the college scouting crew were on hand in Mobile for the week of festivities, including practices and interviews.

The team sent approximately 10 college scouts along with Gamble to make sure they covered all of their bases which could have been made more challenging by the scouting team from the Saints taking players off site for interviews. Off site interviews are not against the rules but simply make it more difficult for other teams to have access to players with all of the time constraints.

With Gamble in Alabama, the notion that he could be the mystery third candidate to be GM is somewhat diminished. He has probably met presumptive head coach Kyle Shanahan at some point but it seems the interviews this weekend were to see how Shanahan would mesh with the candidates. No word on the name of the third mystery candidate as I write this.