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Report: Chris Ballard favorite in Indianapolis, but wants Chuck Pagano fired

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There is a whole lot swirling with the Colts.

The Indianapolis Colts are close to wrapping up their first round of interviews for their vacant GM position, and there are some developments. Multiple reports (first reported by friend of the site Brad Wells) came out Friday evening that Kansas City Chiefs executive Chris Ballard has emerged as the “clear favorite” for the job. Additionally, the reports state that Ballard wants to change the head coach.

Kansas City sports reporter Steven Albritton had similar news to Wells, but the latter also added that the option to fire Chuck Pagano is a deal breaker. Previously we heard that Tom Cable had been connected to Ballard for the San Francisco 49ers job, but Wells is reporting Chiefs special teams coach Dave Toub is “Ballard’s guy” for the Colts job.

For those thinking that Jim Irsay gave Pagano a vote of confidence recently? He also seemed set to keep GM Ryan Grigson before eventually deciding to fire him. I can’t imagine anybody in that building other than Andrew Luck is safe right now.

The 49ers met with Minnesota Vikings assistant general manager George Paton Friday evening, connecting him with Kyle Shanahan to see if that could work. Wells is reporting Paton is a “close second” for the Colts, and Jimmy Raye III is viewed as a fallback option. He also said that Kyle Shanahan is not on the Colts radar if they fire Pagano, just to clear that up.

The 49ers are meeting with Arizona Cardinals VP of player personnel Terry McDonough on Saturday. Once that interview concludes, there is always the possibility of a mystery third party. But ideally we know something by the end of the weekend.