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It could have been Chip Kelly and staff coaching at the Senior Bowl

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The coaching staffs of the teams with the worst records in each conference are offered the opportunity to participate

If the San Francisco 49ers had retained Chip Kelly and his staff, they would have been given the opportunity to coach at the Reeses Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama. The opportunity goes to the teams with the worst record in each conference, but obviously teams without a coaching staff are not eligible to take part. As a result, the coaching staffs came from the Browns and the Bears.

SB Nation’s own Windy City Gridiron wrote about what advantages it gives the coaching staffs of each team with John Fox and his staff on hand coaching the North this year. Hue Jackson and the Browns staff coached the South representing the AFC.

Each coaching staff brings their training, video and equipment personnel to Mobile to the benefit of both the evaluating staffs and players who will reap rewards learning more about what happens in a pro setting.

The roster of players for the game may not have the marquis names who tend to be juniors who forego a final year to enter the draft, but there are still some players of note who attend. Last year the 49ers drafted Joshua Garnett, Aaron Burbridge, John Theus and Jeff Driskel after all four attended the Senior Bowl. Dak Prescott and Braxton Miller were also players who participated last year.