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Broncos hire Geep Chryst as tight ends coach

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The former 49ers offensive coordinator is back into football, going to the Denver Broncos. Hopefully they don’t let him near quarterbacks. Or a playbook.

Former San Francisco 49ers offensive coordinator Geep Chryst has himself a new job, and it looks like he’s staying away from quarterbacks and offensive playcalling. Chryst will be joining newly hired Denver Broncos head coach Vance Joseph’s staff as tight ends coach.

The name Geep Chryst brings up some icky nightmares to many 49ers fans. Long forgotten as the rumored architect behind the Vernon post and The Catch III, Chryst is mostly remembered for his lone season as the 49ers offensive coordinator, replacing Greg Roman and Jim Harbaugh as the main playcallers. This decision, like many in 2014 was met with disaster, leading to a season where the offense finished close-to or last in several categories. Chryst was fired at the close of his first season.

Chryst came to the 49ers as part of Jim Harbaugh’s staff, coaching quarterbacks. Putting him in charge of tight ends isn’t as crazy as it may seem. He was the tight ends coach for the Carolina Panthers for four seasons and also did the same job for a couple of years with the Arizona Cardinals.

And no, given that both his stints (the other with the San Diego Chargers) as offensive coordinator have been underwhelming and not lasting past two years, I don’t think he’ll be calling plays in Denver. Ever.