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49ers conclude interview with Kyle Shanahan

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Now that the second interview is a wrap, the 49ers cannot speak to Kyle Shanahan until the Super Bowl is completed.

The San Francisco 49ers got their window of opportunity to interview Kyle Shanahan on Saturday and now, they have hit the waiting period. Matt Maiocco reported that around 11:00 PM in Atlanta things wound down. That of course leads to the silence period; the 49ers can not talk to Shanahan until after the Super Bowl.

So now, the 49ers, and all of us by extension, get to wait. Details of what happened in the interview will no doubt trickle out the coming week, and we may see an announcement regarding the hiring of a general manager, granted presumed front-runner George Paton gets the job. Terry McDonough is also under consideration. The 49ers met with Paton and Shanahan on Friday, and then with Shanahan and McDonough on Saturday.

So far, nothing negative has come out after the interviews. Then again, nothing positive either. In fact, the 49ers front office has kept leaks to a dull roar this coaching search. They have announced interviews, but things have otherwise been fairly quiet. Whether this is a test by Shanahan, or just the front office wising up, the 49ers have definitely been more quiet in this search than they have been in quite some time.

I’m sure in a few hours we’ll get to start going through manic-depressive states that we are all familiar with lately, but for now, don’t get too worked up over all this. All signs point to Kyle Shanahan coming to the 49ers and the 49ers search has been praised.

One week everyone. One week and this will finally come to an end. Hopefully.