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49ers general manager/head coach search rumors/news recap, January 3

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We’ve got interviews, we’ve got coaches, we’ve got Jimmy Raye III? Here’s your recap of Day two action.

So we had a lot of name drops yesterday, those name drops have nearly become actual interviews at this today. The San Francisco 49ers aren’t wasting time trying to get their general manager figured out and get a coach. They aren’t the only ones looking for a coach, but they definitely are making the moves to make sure they talk to everyone they possibly can. Let’s get to day 2!

The Connections:

As far as name drops and interest, there isn’t much to take over from yesterday. For what it’s worth, the 49ers aren’t wasting any time. All the candidates with request to interview have interviews scheduled now.

General Manager Interviews:

The 49ers will interview Indianapolis Colts executive Jimmy Raye III for general manager. For those of you groaning, it’s not that Jimmy Raye. The one you’re thinking of is the second Jimmy Raye, as in Mike Singletary’s offensive coordinator during his run with the San Francisco 49ers (insert playbook here). Raye has progressed nicely through the ranks and brings a lot of experience, but this is with the Indianapolis Colts, and while they have Andrew Luck, they also have a lot of problems with their roster.

Another name mentioned today was Minnesota Viking assistant George Paton. For those of you thinking of the general, that was George Patton—an extra ‘T’ in the name. In any case, Minnesota’s roster has been vastly improved the last few years. They got nailed HARD with the injury bug this year, and even with injuries, many speculated the defense could hold things together with Sam Bradford at the helm. Unfortunately, injuries piled up and the team wound up allegedly going against orders during the plan for the final game. Either way, Paton has been on an up and up team.

Moving on...

Whether it’s about experience or his great on-the-air brown nosing, Louis Riddick will meet with the 49ers this week as per Adam Schefter. Riddick is an interesting option. He’s a former player, drafted by none other than the San Francisco 49ers. Following his playing career he was a pro scout for both Washington and the Philadelphia Eagles and promoted to director of pro personnel with both. While he was with Washington during the second Joe Gibbs era, an era that could be considered lukewarm at best, they did have some players making names for themselves like the late Sean Taylor and some decent signings during and after Gibbs’s departure . He also worked in Philadelphia when Andy Reid was the head coach (and had a say in the roster) the Eagles always had a talented roster, even when they were playing poorly.

While getting another scout as GM could sound like trying to find someone similar in background to Trent Baalke, Riddick’s personality is the complete opposite. Since 2013 he’s been an analyst on ESPN. That offers some degree of knowledge of how to handle the press and perhaps be a bit more likable to the fans. He’s a wild card, but an intriguing one. Another thing to keep in mind, the 49ers interview Josh McDaniels this weekend and the two do in fact get along.

For what it’s worth, it seems like the 49ers are not wasting time. They are trying to find their general manager and THEN have interviews set up for their hire. If they decide on one this quickly, that may be an issue, but for them to not be dragging their feet and have all their interviews set up means they may want them having a hand in choosing the coach. You know, since Jed York wants the two to work together and all.

Coaching Interviews:

The morning began with a report that the 49ers had interest in Washington offensive coordinator Sean McVay. Later on, it was reported that an interview is set for a Monday. If that name sounds familiar, that’s because his grandfather, John McVay was not only one of the few responsible for turning the 49ers into the dynasty they were, he also has the draft room named after him. McVay’s players love him, and he definitely would bring a west coast offense to San Francisco—an offense that made Kirk Cousins a star. The Los Angeles Rams are also scheduled to interview with the young coach. There are two possible negatives to this: he’s 30 years old and would be the youngest head coach ever hired (the title once held by Lane Kiffin at 31), while it’s a bit presumptuous, younger head coaches have a track record of having a more difficult time in the NFL.

The other negative? The last time the 49ers made a legacy hire for head coach, they hired Mike Nolan.

Vance Joseph, defensive coordinator for the Miami Dolphins is scheduled for an interview as well. Joseph is no stranger to the 49ers. He got his start in the NFL as an assistant defensive backs coach and later became the full fledged coach of the same position. The 49ers tried to get him as their defensive coordinator in 2015, but were blocked by Cincinnati. Joseph is also set to meet the San Diego Chargers

The Dolphins defense has been hit or miss this year. Lately, it’s a miss, with head coach Adam Gase expressing his dissatisfaction with the unit as a whole.

Josh McDaniels will interview with the 49ers this weekend. McDaniels will also interview with the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Los Angeles Rams.

Kyle Shanahan has an interview set with the 49ers. Shanahan will also interview with the Jaguars, Rams, and Denver Broncos. As of now, the Broncos only interview scheduled is Shanahan and no other candidates have been leaked out for interest. Imagine that.

Coach Tracker:

Anthony Lynn has now secured interviews with the Los Angeles Rams and Buffalo Bills as well as the 49ers. Some reports came out Sunday night that the Bills were ready to announce him as the head coach ASAP. That apparently didn’t happen. Despite having just a few months of the offensive coordinator title under his belt, Lynn has become a popular candidate.

Tom Cable isn’t the only offensive line coach getting interviews, Arizona Cardinal O-line coach Harold Goodwin will also interview with the Bills, Jaguars and Rams.

Former Giants head coach and two-time Super Bowl winner Tom Coughlin met with his former employers, the Jacksonville Jaguars about their vacant head coaching position. After posting some of the more impressive winning seasons for a then-expansion team, Coughlin was fired from the Jaguars in 2002 after posting 3 years of mediocrity. Sound familiar?

Doug Marrone is set to meet with the Jaguars, the Rams have also requested an interview.

Former Atlanta Falcons head coach Mike Smith is back in the job hunt. He’ll be meeting with the Jaguars and the Chargers.

And finally, New England Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia is set to meet with the Rams and the Chargers. Patricia has been a hot candidate for the last few years and one of the many people think will succeed Bill Belichick

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