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Former GM Mark Dominik remains on the 49ers radar

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The 49ers have an inexperienced general manager in John Lynch. We await the experienced executives he brings on board.

The San Francisco 49ers have a front office in place for the time being following the hiring of general manager John Lynch, but change is likely afoot. The bulk of the organization will likely remain in place through the 2017 NFL Draft. However, there is a good chance Lynch brings on at least one, if not multiple people to provide the kind of experience he lacks.

Pro Football Talk is reporting that multiple league sources are telling them that, “buzz is building toward the hiring of Dominik by the 49ers, likely as the director of player personnel or in an equivalent role.” Eric Branch tweeted that no interview is scheduled, but given how things played out with Lynch’s hiring on the down low, we can’t really buy into much of anything at this point.

Lynch is going to be the general manager, but at this point it is pretty clear that Kyle Shanahan has “the trigger,” and will be the guy calling a lot of the shots. But the football operations department will be the ones handling a lot of the day-to-day work. Whether it be scouting college prospects or NFL free agents, figuring out trades, or any roster additions, there will be a lot of people involved in the nitty-gritty. Finding the right people to support the operation run by Shanahan and Lynch will be critical.