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Jed York issues formal statement on hiring of John Lynch as 49ers GM

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The 49ers CEO thinks the 49ers have found someone who can change the culture, and is also a strong communicator.

The San Francisco 49ers announced the hiring of John Lynch as general manager on Sunday evening, and now we have a formal statement from Jed York. The team’s CEO had spoken with the San Jose Mercury News and MMQB about the hiring, but this is the first formal statement.

Fooch’s update: Lynch will take part in a conference call at 4:15 p.m. PT.

Here is what York had to say:

“During his 15 seasons as an NFL player, John epitomized what is so special about the game of football. A world-class competitor, his love and respect for the sport are unmatched, and you would be hard-pressed to find anyone in league circles who does not have great respect for his work ethic and passion. Having already helped lead a team to a Super Bowl title as a player, John is equipped with tremendous insight into what it takes to create a culture that breeds sustained success. Having spent the last eight seasons as an analyst with FOX, he has honed his skills as a talented communicator while also developing valuable relationships around the league and a vast knowledge of the NFL that will be beneficial to our team. As we learned more and more about John, it became apparent that he was not only one of the best to ever play this game but also a Hall of Fame caliber man, one who people are compelled to follow.”

We get one mention of “culture” and one mention of Lynch’s work as a communicator. One of the criticisms of Trent Baalke was his lack of communication with members of the organization. I have a hunch when the team formally introduces Lynch, Jed York will reference culture and communication more than once.

The team has not announced the introductory press conference, but more than likely it will take place when the 49ers also introduce Kyle Shanahan as their next head coach. The team cannot formally complete that transaction until after the Super Bowl is over. My guess is the press conference will happen the Tuesday or Wednesday after the Super Bowl.