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Jim Trotter says John Lynch will have final say on 53-man roster

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We might be getting some clarity on the 49ers roster control.

Update: Trotter clarified, the 53-man roster is Shanahan’s:

Kyle Shanahan had a ton of leverage in his negotiations with the San Francisco 49ers, but as he likely prepares to take over as head coach after the Super Bowl, there are questions about what he got out of the negotiations. It seemed likely he would have control of the 53-man roster, and the hiring of John Lynch seemed to make that even more likely. However, there remain questions as to how this will play out. Jim Trotter had this to say:

Trotter followed that tweet up saying that he spoke with Jed York, who confirmed this information. Lynch will speak to the media at 4:15 p.m. PT today, at which point we will hopefully get some kind of clarity on this. Although Jed York has talked about getting everybody working together as a team, someone has to have final say if there is a disagreement. Normally that is the general manager, but when someone is as inexperienced at this kind of work as Lynch, it seems like a slightlya questionable decision for him to have final say.

Of course, this is a franchise that will soon have a rookie head coach to go along with their rookie general manager, so maybe it really does not matter who has the trigger at this point. Of the two, I think it should be Shanahan, but what do I know? Either way it will make for a fascinating relationship, good or bad.