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Kyle Shanahan follows the rules during Super Bowl 51 Opening Night

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He said nothing was set in stone, but only because he had to

Atlanta Falcons offensive coordinator and presumptive head coach of the San Francisco 49ers Kyle Shanahan was on hand for the opening festivities of Super Bowl 51 and media availability. He spoke to Marshall Faulk of the NFL Network who asked him about going to the 49ers and working with newly named GM John Lynch.

Well, you know again, as I’ve been saying, nothing is set in stone. You know, I had some real good conversations with them this weekend, Friday and Saturday, it was great, Jed coming down with Paraag. Getting to meet with three GM candidates who are all great, Terry McDonough, George Paton and John Lynch. The conversation went real well. I can’t BS you guys, I’m looking forward to talking to them after the game, when this all ends but it definitely isn’t official because it isn’t allowed to be so it actually makes to a lot easier on me so I can truly just focus on this game and when this season ends, I’m looking forward to dealing with all that.

When I got an alert on my phone about “nothing is set in stone” I figured it was click bait, and it was. Shanahan even said “because it isn’t allowed to be.” Deep breath everyone. Deep breath.