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Kyle Shanahan will ask Mike Shanahan for advice, but does not anticipate him joining 49ers

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Kyle Shanahan put this question to rest at Super Bowl 51 Opening Night.

One of the many questions surrounding Kyle Shanahan the past couple weeks has been what role if any his father Mike might serve with the San Francisco 49ers. Mike Shanahan has extensive history with the team, and some have said he might make a good president of football operations. Whether you buy into that or not, it would appear that will not be happening.

Kyle Shanahan met with the media Monday evening at the Super Bowl 51 Opening Night event, and naturally he got questions about his dad. They asked about similarities between his father’s offense and Gary Kubiak’s offense. They also asked about learning from his father. And of course, they asked him if he anticipated his dad being involved with the team.

On that latter question, he said that he always is one to ask his dad advice, but, “as far as him working in the building and stuff like that, it's definitely not been in the discussion ... I’ve never envisioned him — we did our deal in Washington and I wouldn’t take back for the world. That was pretty much the end of it.”

That should clarify that situation for the time being. It makes sense that Kyle would seek Mike’s advice. John Lynch has experience with Mike in Denver, and has talked about how he knows what he does not know. I suspect he too would be open to Mike Shanahan’s advice. But for the time being, Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch will be running their own shop.