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Former Broncos employee says Pat Bowlen offered John Lynch a job ‘many times’

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It’s not experience, but I like the enthusiasm!

The San Francisco 49ers stunned most of us on Sunday when they decided to hire John Lynch as their next general manager. He enters the job with no personnel experience, having gone into broadcasting following his playing career.

Since the hiring, there have been some rumblings the Denver Broncos wanted to get him into their front office at some point. And now, a former Broncos employee offered up some thoughts, saying that Broncos owner Pat Bowlen offered him a job many times.

Kent Erickson currently works for Mile High Sports Radio, but from 1988 to 2009, he worked as the Broncos director of video operations and football technology. He has been around those parts for a while.

This certainly is not meant to suggest Lynch will be a success, but on Monday during his conference call, he did talk about wanting to wait for just the right opportunity. He talked about how he had a great situation at FOX, and did not need to leave unless it was just the right opportunity.

The easy joke to be made is that he was not going to be a GM elsewhere, so of course this was just the right opportunity. However, by all accounts he specifically reached out to Kyle Shanahan and the 49ers, and it worked itself out from there. He thinks he can make this work, and now we get to wait and see what happens over the course of his six-year contract.