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NaVorro Bowman’s Achilles rehab is going well

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Bowman has started running in the pool as part of his rehab

The inside linebacker position for the San Francisco 49ers was devastated by injuries early in the season and it didn't get any better as the season progressed. NaVorro Bowman was the biggest loss for the entire defense let alone the linebacker position. After the final game of the season Bowman was in the locker room and took questions from the media and discussed the rehabilitation of his achilles.

When Bowman was asked about the time table for him to be able to start football activities he had a positive response.

Yeah, I’ve started running in the pool and things like that, but not yet full speed on the field. So, it’s looking good, man.

When asked about the losing season, Bowman put some of the responsibility for it on his own shoulders, not being able contribute on the field.

It’s been tough you know because I started off with these guys and for me to go down and things to continue to go down and not pick up, it’s been tough for me to watch. You know, part of that is, I put that on me to handle certain things and get us on the right page out there. So, it’s been tough for me and all of us. So, hopefully we’re able to get out of this slump and get back to 49er football.

Bowman added that there is talent on the team and their character is shown in their effort on the field.

I’ve been sitting back watching everything. We definitely have talent. You can see it throughout the game. Guys are still playing hard, playing for one another, so that’s what you want as a foundation for a team, these guys to give 100% effort.

There is no definite timetable for Bowman’s return, but just his presence around the locker room and on the sidelines are a positive sign for a much quicker recovery than his last one. There have been no indications about the recovery of ILB Ray-Ray Armstrong who signed a two year extension just two weeks ago. Armstrong suffered a season ending chest injury in week two in Carolina.