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What would Bill Parcells advice mean for Jed York and the HC/GM search?

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Jed York and Bill Parcells have spoken in the past. Maybe it results in some shake-up in the search process.

San Francisco 49ers CEO Jed York stated on Monday that the ultimate decision for the hiring of a head coach and general manager will rest with him. He acknowledged that Paraag Marathe will be involved in the process, and also said he is seeking advice from people both within the organization and outside.

Monday morning, Mike Silver reported that Bill Parcells is one football person with whom York speeds with fairly regularly.

I do not know exactly how their relationship began, but back in late 2010, Jed York reportedly consulted with Parcells to get his opinion on Trent Baalke. At the time, Baalke was under consideration for a promotion to general manager. He got his NFL start with the New York Jets as a scout while Parcells was in charge. Baalke has remained in contact with Parcells, meeting with him in Florida during the team’s stay-over last month.

I am guessing the Baalke relationship is what got York connected to Parcells, but it could be other things as well. Relationships are important in the NFL, and other owners might have suggested talking to Parcells.

Whatever the case, it will be interesting to see what discussions with Parcells might lead to. Atlanta Falcons general manager Scott Pioli is married to Parcells’ daughter. Relationships are a big deal, and Jason La Canfora already reported that Pioli might be on the 49ers radar.

On the coaching side, Josh McDaniels comes from the Parcells tree, albeit one time removed through Bill Belichick. Parcells probably has opinions on McDaniels, but I would be surprised if that swung things as much as a Parcells recommendation of Pioli might.