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Throwback Thursday: That Jed York KNBR interview that didn’t go so well

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It’s no secret York’s foot goes into his mouth in record time in public. This is probably the most epic of radio interviews for him.

Show of hands: who still misses former San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh? The coach’s release was heard around the league, complete with speculations rumors, and an absolute circus leading up to it including an earlier proposed trade to Cleveland. While Harbaugh certainly had his detractors and a history of not playing nice, the handling of the entire ordeal will probably blemish the San Francisco 49ers forever. It’s not necessarily the statement of ‘mutually parting ways’ but just how it all went down.

Following a press release the night of Harbaugh’s final game with the 49ers, then-general manager Trent Baalke and owner Jed York held a press conference explaining the decision. If you’ve ever seen a flogging, then you don’t need to track that thing down. The press was anything but forgiving in their questions and had York reiterating a need to ‘win with class’. Baalke didn’t fare much better.

After the press conference, York continued his 2015 incompetence tour with a stop on KNBR. If the press was out for blood, KNBR’s Brian Murphy wanted York’s flesh and bones. The interview was nothing more than York put over the fire and beaten mercilessly with questions as to why he made the decision to ax Harbaugh. These days, many may say radio is archaic and on it’s way out, but then there’s moments like this that display the medium still possesses an uncanny ability to etch itself into modern journalism history. You can listen to the 17 minutes of radio gold here.

So what has happened since? Is there an epilogue? Well York is all about culture changes now, back then he was about winning with class. Now that we have Tom Cable on the radar to coach the 49ers, York definitely is trying to change the culture. To one the 49ers may want to steer away from.