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Sean McDermott interview scheduled for Monday, with Sean McVay interview

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The 49ers have a pretty full dance card over the next five or six days.

The San Francisco 49ers continue to firm up interview dates, with Eric Branch reporting Carolina Panthers defensive coordinator Sean McDermott meeting with the team on Monday in New York City. This will be the same day the 49ers meet with Washington offensive coordinator Sean McVay, also in New York City.

The 49ers updated interview schedule includes as many as 12 interviews between Friday and next week. I say “as many” because the Nick Caserio interview on Saturday seems to be unconfirmed. There were reports the 49ers requested an interview, but there is no firm confirmation the interview is happening. The 49ers will be in Massachusetts to interview Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, so we’ll see how it all plays out.

The 49ers have interviews scheduled into next week, and this process is not slowing down anytime soon. With that in mind, how soon do you think the 49ers announce the head coach and GM hirings? Will we hear both at once, or will it be one and then the other? My guess is both announcements come at once, but probably leaked out separately. They will wrap up initial interviews probably by next Tuesday or Wednesday. I would expect a second round of interviews for two or three of each role.

Will it be a good two weeks before this is all finalized, or will the 49ers jump on one of the pairings they are interviewing in the coming days to get this thing wrapped up quickly?