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49ers wrap up Packers GM day, interviewing Eliot Wolf then Brian Gutekunst

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The 49ers interview process continues. What kind of questions do you think were asked in the GM interviews?

The San Francisco 49ers have tried to offer some semblance of transparency to their interview process, confirming the first three interviews on Twitter. The team announced the Buffalo Bills interim head coach Anthony Lynn interview on Wednesday, and has since announced the interviews of Green Bay Packers executives Eliot Wolf and Brian Gutekunst.

The interview process will take some time, but getting a little confirmation is helpful. This will be particularly useful this weekend as we wait to see if Nick Caserio is actually interviewing, or if he turned down the interview.

What do you think the questions are like in these GM interviews. Any guesses as to what Jed York and Paraag Marathe are potentially asking the various candidates? I imagine there are plenty of questions to probe communication skills. I would hope there is a question about a GMs philosophy with regard to quarterbacks. I imagine Wolf might get a question about his youth, although given York’s own age, I’m not sure how much discussion would be had about that.

Where it gets interesting is how to gauge each GM and coach candidate in terms of matching them with the opposite role. They are interviewing for both at the same time, so it essentially comes down to what York decides he wants in a philosophy, and finding two guys who can deliver that. What that philosophy is beyond two guys who can work together remains to be seen.