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Ian Rapoport offers some background on 4 GM candidates

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The San Francisco 49ers have a long list of candidates they will interview for their GM job. NFL Network reporter Ian Rapoport offered some insight on a few of them.

The San Francisco 49ers finished up two GM interviews on Thursday, and are conducting a third one on Friday with Minnesota Vikings assistant GM George Paton. They will follow that with interviews over the weekend and into next week. It is a thorough search, to say the least.

NFL Network reporter Ian Rapoport made an appearance on KNBR earlier this week to discuss the 49ers situation. He did not think he could handicap who would claim what jobs with the 49ers, but he did have some thoughts on a few of the general manager candidates. These are the four he could speak to.

Jimmy Raye III: “In Indianapolis, and I think the reason he’s being brought in, he has good blood lines, he’s good scouting background, he’s a respected guy. But in Indy, he’s the guy who’s sort of the liaison between the coaches and the front office. So he’s the guy who talks to everyone. He sort of maintains the relationships, makes sure everyone knows what the coach wants, makes sure the message is being delivered from the GM to the coaches. That’s kind of his role; is to know everyone and talk to everyone, and sort of be the go-between. So, when I was curious as to why he was being brought in, that, from someone in Indy, it sort of explains his role. Because these titles don’t mean anything. So, that’s why I think he’s being brought in.”

Nick Caserio: “If they can get him to interview, and he rarely does it, I think the open-mindedness, the sort of Bill Belichick scouting model, the willingness to trade and do anything, which I think the 49ers kind of think along with as well. I think that’s why he would fit there.”

George Paton: “He’s got a great resume, he never does interviews. He’s turned down like six over the past couple years. So, that’s interesting to me that he will take it. And I think a lot of people just like that, for better or worse, there’s no talent, there’s some talent, there’s young talent, you can do anything. So I think GM candidates kinda like the idea of, ‘Alright, I can put my stamp on this.’”

Eliot Wolf: “There’s been some thought that he wouldn’t really leave Green Bay. That has never been my understanding. He seems very open to opportunities and creating his own name. He’s just very young. Very respected, but very young, so I’ll be curious to see what impression he leaves. But he’ll get a job eventually. I know he will.”