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2017 NFL mock draft: Mitch Trubisky seems to be the popular choice for the time being

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Quarterbacks will be a central topic of discussion for the 49ers. And right now, the Mitch Trubisky appears to top the list.

The 2017 NFL playoffs get started on Saturday, but in the meantime, San Francisco 49ers can continue enjoying 2017 NFL mock drafts. Only four more months of this!

I will have an update to our mock draft database on Saturday, but I am starting to notice North Carolina quarterback Mitch Trubisky become a regular feature of mock drafts at No. 2 to the 49ers. The two latest examples are Bleacher Report’s Matt Miller and SB Nation’s Dan Kadar. They have Myles Garrett going No. 1 to the Cleveland Browns, and then Trubisky slotted at No. 2.

It is going to be a long few months of quarterback chatter between now and the end of April. Trubisky might emerge as the No. 1 quarterback for a lot of analysts, but it feels like people sell themselves on it more than it just flowing organically. That does not mean Trubisky won’t work out in the NFL, but for the time being, it’s hard to get super excited about him as a quarterback prospect.

The 2017 quarterback class is going to include Trubisky, DeShaun Watson (Clemson), DeShone Kizer (Notre Dame), Patrick Mahomes (Texas Tech), Brad Kaaya (Miami, FL), and potentially Josh Allen (Wyoming). I imagine we will hear rumblings of a couple of them being in the mix to be the first quarterback off the board, but for the time being, Trubisky seems to be the guy who will top the discussion.