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Josh McDaniels will be third of three Saturday interviews, amidst suggestion 49ers could be best job

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A Patriots beat writer offers more of what we heard from Albert Breer and Louis Riddick.

The San Francisco 49ers will interview New England Patriots offensive coordinator on Saturday, and Matt Maiocco is reporting the 49ers will get the third of three interview slots. The Jacksonville Jaguars and Los Angeles Rams will interview McDaniels as well. Maiocco is reporting the interviews will each be three hours, with an hour in between each interview.

On Friday, Patriots/NFL writer Ben Volin had an interesting comment. He tweeted that he will write more about it on Sunday, but right now, the 49ers might be the most attractive job if the 49ers will commit to a full rebuild.

The 49ers are at or somewhere near rock bottom (some would say they’ve sunk below that). They have a few interesting pieces, but no real long-term cornerstone player. They have a ton of cap space and the No. 2 pick, but questions up and down the roster. This is a full scale rebuild.

I would presume that Volin’s tweet is more about making sure York is willing to step out of the way and let his next general manager and head coach take full control. This tweet leaves plenty open for interpretation, and I will most definitely be keeping an eye out for the Sunday column Volin publishes.

At the same time, this could line up with what Albert Breer said earlier this week about McDaniels potentially being attracted to the 49ers job. Given the fact that the 49ers are the only team making a clean sweep of general manager and head coach, I continue to see how you could make a strong case that the job is the most attractive out there. But as Breer and Volin are saying, and even how Louis Riddick said before. If York commits to everything he said in his press conference, then yes, there are some big opportunities in the Bay Area.