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49ers interview with Kyle Shanahan is underway

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The Falcons get this week off, which makes for a busy Friday and Saturday for Kyle Shanahan.

The San Francisco 49ers interviewed Minnesota Vikings assistant general manager George Paton Friday morning in Minneapolis, and now they have arrived in the deep south. The 49ers announced Friday afternoon they are in the midst of their interview with Atlanta Falcons offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan.

Shanahan is spending Friday and Saturday interviewing with the 49ers, Broncos, Jaguars and Rams. His Falcons are on a bye this week, and this is the only opportunity for a first interview. If the Falcons advance, Shanahan cannot conduct a follow-up interview until either they are eliminated after the divisional round or the week of the Super Bowl bye, win or lose in the NFC title game.

The big issue for guys like Shanahan and McDaniels is dealing with the positives of advancing in the playoffs. They cannot technically sign a contract until after they finish their playoff runs. But even though coaches and teams likely have handshake agreements, the coach also cannot fully organize a staff until after they finish their playoff runs. They can probably similarly begin making calls, but they are also dealing with the playoffs at the same time. We’ll see what it results in for the various playoff coaching candidates.