LB Reuben Foster Alabama Scouting Report

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Reuben Foster is a 6'1 245 pound hard-hitting, physical, talented linebacker that has proven to be one of the best linebackers in college football and has played a big role on the Alabama Roll Tide's impressive defense. Foster has recorded a total of 199 combined tackles, 22 of them being for loss, 6 sacks, and 9 passes defended in his impressive 3 seasons on the Roll Tide defense. Foster has definitely attracted great attention with his performance this season from NFL scouts, but his projected selection is unsure as of now. Foster easily possesses the talent and skills to be drafted 1st round, but there are chances he could fall to the early second round. The 49ers should definitely scout Foster and possibly consider drafting him 2nd round, if he falls.

Foster's Playing is Impressive:


Just a jaw-dropping, aggressive, piece of hitting shown here. Foster times his hit perfectly on LSU's RB Leonard Fournette, quickly shooting his shoulder in to Fournette's chest, making him go down quick.


Another incredible piece of tackling on OSU's RB, shown here. Foster comes flying in, unblocked, and just explodes violently in to the RB, wraps him up then throws him for a loss of yards.


Foster in pass coverage here. Foster keeps his eyes set on the QB's movement, then quickly tracks down the pass with a swat. Good pass defense from Foster shown here.


Foster with a beautiful tackle for loss shown here. A shotgun off-tackle run from Texas A&M is the play, but Foster disrupts it with a tackle for loss. Foster blots through the O line, keeps his vision on the RB's direction, then explodes with a nice tackle to stuff the RB for a loss of yards.

Can Foster Fit on the 49ers defense?

Foster is a beyond talented LB, who would be a true workhorse LB in the NFL. Foster can definitely fit on the defense 4-3 or 3-4. He has great experience amongst a 4-3 with Alabama, but best believe he'd fit well converting to the 49ers 3-4 scheme to play next to Bowman. His run-stopping skills have proved himself, his pass coverage will be tested once entered the NFL, and his tackling would make him fit well on this defense. Foster would definitely make a huge contribution of stopping the run with a great, well-experienced, veteran LB like Bowman. Another dynamic duo of linebackers would be born again.

Strengths and Weaknesses:

Foster is well-built for a linebacker, broad shoulders, built arms, and an overall highly muscular linebacker. Foster possesses a nearly unstoppable motor, sideline to sideline, non-stop explosiveness that lasts all game. Foster's awareness of run plays benefits him getting in the best spot to stop the run. Foster is not really the LB to block against. His aggression, speed, and technique are weapons he uses to fight off blocks. Foster is known to use his power from his legs to drive the blocker backwards, then escape the block with his powerful arm strength. foster consistently latches himself on to the ball carrier, causing pile crashing, allowing other teammates to finish off the play. Last but not least, Foster maintains incredible tackling skills, which will serve him well in the NFL. Foster takes the correct angles when approaching, explodes quickly in to the ball carrier, fiercely wraps the opponent up, and finishes him off to the ground quickly.


Foster tends to be a little over aggressive for his own good at times. He can "over-finish" the play by continuing to drive the ball carrier backwards, then finally finish him off after the whistle is been blown. Foster doesn't lack shoulder pad level tackling, but can take the wrong angle at times leaving him too high on his approach. Foster's pass coverage skills haven't been polished up to meet the pro standards just yet, but will sharpen up after his rookie season. Foster at times, tends to leave his eyes on the QB for too long, allowing receivers to slip past him, or even catch the pass.

NFL Comparison:

1. CJ Moseley LB Baltimore Ravens

Foster possesses the same attributes of aggression and fearless like characteristics, when on defense. Mosely is 6'2 238 but Foster and Mosely have the same muscular body features.

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