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Bill O’Brien’s future could ride on playoff game vs. Raiders

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The 49ers laundry list could very well grow with a Texans playoff loss.

The Houston Texans host the Oakland Raiders on Saturday in a matchup of two teams with serious quarterback issues. The Raiders lost Derek Carr to a broken leg and backup Matt McGloin to a shoulder injury, leaving them starting rookie Connor Cook. The Texans signed Brock Osweiler to a big contract this past offseason, only to bench him in Week and move Tom Savage into the starting lineup. Savage suffered a concussion last week, and now Osweiler is back in the lineup for the playoff opener.

I think the Raiders can spring the upset in this one, and if they do, it could mean a shake-up for the Texans, and for the rest of the coaching search process. NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport is reporting Texans coach Bill O’Brien’s future is up in the air, and some teams looking for a head coach might be waiting to see what happens.

Rapoport said a trade, “mutual parting of the ways,” or outright firing are all possible. He said a win on Saturday would not necessarily guarantee O’Brien a future with Houston, but that depended on who you ask.

Matt Maiocco tweeted Rapoport’s article saying, “The 49ers are one of the teams that could have a level of interest if Bill O'Brien were to become available with.a Texans loss to Oakland.”

Obviously it is way too early to say what might happen, and there have been no formal leaks about interest in O’Brien. However, with the 49ers planning interviews into the coming week, if O’Brien did become available, it would not be entirely surprising to see him added to the growing list of candidates.