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Nick Caserio turned down 49ers interview request

This could mean something or nothing for Josh McDaniels.

The San Francisco 49ers are in Massachusetts conducting a job interview, and we have confirmation it was in fact just one interview. The 49ers interviewed New England Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, but Pro Football Talk is reporting that executive Nick Caserio turned down an interview opportunity.

The 49ers have been announcing interviews as they have happened, but they did not announce one for Caserio. He does not have a GM title with the Patriots, but he has turned down numerous opportunities.

Caserio had been connected with McDaniels as a potential GM/coach combination. However, McDaniels has also been connected with ESPN analyst Louis Riddick. The 49ers are expected to meet with Riddick on Monday.

Yahoo! reporter Charles Robinson tweeted that, “Some guys are being advised by their personnel network to steer clear of 49ers job. Patriots Caserio absolutely was.” Each GM and coach candidate has their own network telling them what to make of each situation.

McDaniels could view Riddick as a GM that provides him more opportunity to have significant sway over the personnel department. Caserio would seemingly be more inclined to take a firmer hand as GM. That’s speculation on my part, so make of it what you want, but I think it is some context to consider.