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Packers GM job could be domino impacting Chris Ballard, Eliot Wolf, John Dorsey

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Some news from Ian Rapoport news might explain a couple things in his interview process.

The San Francisco 49ers interview process might be dependent on some dominos falling related to Green Bay and Kansas City. The 49ers interviewed Packers executive Eliot Wolf on Thursday, and were denied a chance to interview Chiefs executive Chris Ballard. And now more of it might make some sense.

NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported Sunday morning that the Packers might be looking at Chiefs GM John Dorsey as the successor to current GM Ted Thompson. Dorsey is apparently unsigned beyond this year, and spent the bulk of his career in Green Bay before taking over as Chiefs GM.

If the Packers and Chiefs think Dorsey might move on to Green Bay, it could help explain why Green Bay was willing to let Wolf interview with the 49ers, and why the Chiefs were not willing to let Ballard interview with them. The Chiefs might think Dorsey signs an extension, but I can see why they would want to be cautious and prepared for a potential Dorsey departure.