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Cal to fire Sonny Dykes, could Chip Kelly stay in Bay Area?

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The timing of the firing has college fans pondering Chip.

The San Francisco 49ers fired Chip Kelly earlier this week, but it is possible he might not have to leave the Bay Area for his next job. Cal is set to fire head coach Sonny Dykes, according to FOX Sports reporter Bruce Feldman.

The timing is interesting to say the least. The team could have fired him last month after their season ended. The timing of this suggests either something went south, or a certain firing in Santa Clara might pique their interest. Denver radio host Benjamin Allbright tweeted that he heard Cal and Kelly spoke, and this decision to fire Dykes might suggest the phone call went well.

Whether you fully believe what Allbright has to say or not, it certainly makes sense given the timing of the firing. What other reason does Cal have to wait this long? If they do work to bring in Kelly that will certainly make for an amusing change of circumstances. If Kelly returns to college and finds success, and it happens to also be in the Bay Area? Well, that would be entertaining to say the least.