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Some fool bet $500 on the 49ers to win the Super Bowl

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I’m not entirely sure why they would this generally, but also specifically at this time.

The San Francisco 49ers got off to a solid start this past season, beating the Los Angeles Rams 28-0. The team had entered the season with 150/1 odds to win the Super Bowl, according to our friends at Bovada. Following the Week 1 win, their odds were cut in half, dropping to 75/1. As the team’s losses piled up, the odds got worse and worse. And apparently someone thought the end of Week 6 was the time to try and get a jump on a long shot chance at a big pay day.

At 2000/1, a $500 bet would have paid $1 million. The 49ers faced the Buffalo Bills on October 16, losing 45-16. I don’t have William Hill odds available, but the 49ers were 1000/1 heading into Week 6, and changed to 2000/1 after the loss.

The 49ers were in the middle of their franchise-record losing streak, and I am not entirely sure what would cause someone to decide then was the time to drop $500. You would be better off just lighting money on fire, but any thoughts on why someone would decide that right there is the time to place such a wager?