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Talking Sean McVay with Hogs Haven as 49ers prepare for Monday interview

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The 49ers are interviewing Washington OC Sean McVay on Monday. We received some insight from a Washington blogger.

The San Francisco 49ers continue their interview process on Monday in New York City. They have begun their interview with Washington offensive coordinator Sean McVay, and they will meet with Carolina Panthers assistant general manager Brandon Beane later in the day.

McVay is an intriguing name because of age and blood lines. His grandfather is John McVay, who was a critical leader in building the 49ers dynasty. McVay has been around football all his life, but he is also turning 31 this offseason. He has nine years of experience under his belt, and if you want to learn more about that experience, read this great article.

But features aside, I thought we would chat with Ken Meringolo from our Washington blog, Hogs Haven. McVay was tight ends coach under Mike Shanahan from 2011 to 2013, and then got the offensive coordinator job in 2014 when Jay Gruden took over. Meringolo had the following to say about McVay.

Sean McVay is at or near the top of the list of "hot, young NFL coordinators," which would make for a terribly misleading and upsetting slide show on Hot Clicks. His mastery of the offense--from the film room to the practice field to game day--will almost certainly translate exceptionally well to a head coaching job. His players both respect and like him. They believe in him. They feel this way despite McVay's penchant for pushing them to the point of aggravation and beyond when it comes to nailing every detail of every assignment.

He's easy to find, because he is usually hard at work breaking down film or workshopping offensive philosophies with his fellow coaches. With no wife or kids to hurry home to (because he is just a hair over the age of 30, for god's sake), his time is spent on football in a very Jon Gruden-esque fashion. That opens the door to mention that McVay was on the ground floor of the creation of the Jon Gruden FFCA (Fired Football Coaches Association) when he was on the UFL's Florida Tuskers staff. Everyone can take from that what they will, but my understanding of those sessions is that it was like getting a doctorate in football coaching.

McVay is going to get a chance to become one of the youngest head coaches in league history. Whichever team he takes over is going to be better on offense out of the gate; because they won't know any other way after incessant drilling and instruction.

As a fan, I am sorry to see him depart, but every football fan should take pride in their team's development of legitimate coordinators. It's as good a sign as any of organizational soundness ... or at least the path to such a thing.