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49ers announce Brandon Beane GM interview

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The 49ers are wrapping up their sixth day of interviews with the Carolina Panthers assistant general manager.

We’ve had a couple random bits of news, so this slipped through. The San Francisco 49ers announced on Monday afternoon that they had begun their interview with Carolina Panthers assistant general manager Brandon Beane. Here is a quick look at his resume:

2015-present: Assistant general manager
2012: Interim GM for final 10 games
2008-2015: Director of football operations
1999-2008: Football operations manager
1998: PR department

The Panthers website had an article back in 2015 about Beane’s promotion to assistant GM, and it included this rundown of his work as director of football operations:

Beane, 38, has spent the past seven seasons as the Panthers' director of football operations, a role in which he assisted Gettleman in the evaluation of players at the professional and collegiate levels while holding administrative and scouting responsibilities in both areas. He has worked closely with the football operations staff on the negotiation of player contracts, developing budgets and CBA compliance.

Beane has also been responsible for directing portions of the NFL Draft, including executing trades that netted cornerback Bene Benwikere, wide receiver Devin Funchess and offensive tackle Daryl Williams in the past two years. Beane has played a role in putting together the team's draft board over the past four seasons and participated in the evaluation of collegiate prospects in preparation for the draft.

It says he had a role in putting together the draft board, and “participated in the evaluation of collegiate prospects in preparation for the draft.” That has me wondering if he is the kind of candidate that would be relying more on his scouts. All GMs rely on scouts because of how vast the country is and how many NFL and college players there are to evaluate. But whereas a GM like Trent Baalke was always on the road scouting college talent, would Beane potentially rely on his underlings for more of that? We don’t know specifically what work he has done related to scouting, but it is something to consider as the 49ers interview him for the top job in their football operations department.