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Mike Silver: Sean McVay crushing interviews, believes Eliot Wolf, Brian Gutekunst leading contenders for 49ers GM job

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NFL Network reporter Mike Silver had plenty to say about the 49ers coach and GM search on Monday.

The San Francisco 49ers are a little over halfway through their first round of interviews, and Mike Silver has the latest on where things might stand. Silver tweeted on Monday that he believes Green Bay Packers executives Eliot Wolf and Brian Gutekunst are the leading contenders for the 49ers GM job right now. He also tweeted that Sean McVay “crushed” both of his interviews with the 49ers and Rams.

The 49ers have interviewed four executives, and have begun interviewing a fifth on Monday. They interviewed Wolf and Gutekunst on Thursday, Minnesota Vikings assistant general manager George Paton on Friday, and Indianapolis Colts VP of football operations Jimmy Raye III on Sunday. The team announced on Monday that they have begun interviewing Carolina Panthers assistant GM Brandon Beane.

The 49ers are interviewing Louis Riddick on Tuesday, and are set to interview two Seahawks executives next Monday. If the 49ers were to hire Josh McDaniels as head coach, there is some thought that Riddick would be his GM.

Speaking of head coach options, Silver also had sources that were not Sean McVay or his agent saying McVay “crushed” it in his interviews. That does leave family members of course, although he sort of jokingly swatted that down when someone asked him.

McVay has nine years coaching experience, and while he is only 30 (turning 31 later this month), football most definitely runs in his veins. His grandfather John was the executive who was critical to building the 49ers into the dynasty they became. The team even named their draft room after John McVay.