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Jaguars planning on hiring Doug Marrone as head coach

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The Jaguars were one of the other teams to interview Josh McDaniels, so that removes one possibility.

The Jacksonville Jaguars have conducted six interviews in their search for a new head coach, and it would appear they think they have an answer. ESPN’s Adam Schefter is reporting the team is going to hire Doug Marrone to be their next head coach. Marrone joined the Jaguars in 2015 as assistant head coach and offensive line coach after being fired by the Buffalo Bills. (correction: he opted out of his contract in Buffalo after the ownership change) He was promoted to interim head coach this season after Jacksonville fired Gus Bradley.

This is the first head coach domino to fall, and is a notable one for the 49ers. The Jaguars, Rams, and 49ers were the three teams to interview Josh McDaniels on Saturday. The Jaguars also interview Tom Coughlin, Mike Smith, Kyle Shanahan, and Harold Goodwin.

The Jaguars decision to hire Marrone before any further interviews would at least suggest that maybe they don’t think McDaniels wants to go there. It is also possible they honestly think Marrone is a better fit, but for our purposes, it could be a sign McDaniels is a little firmer on the 49ers radar.

Kyle Shanahan was another candidate to interview with the Jaguars. He also interviewed with the Denver Broncos, and has rescheduled his Rams interview for this coming weekend due to inclement weather this past weekend. Shanahan is rumored to prefer the Broncos, but if he thinks he can do some things with Jared Goff, maybe he ends up with the Rams. For now though, five jobs remain open.