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49ers file suit against Santa Clara over claimed contract breaches

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The San Francisco 49ers relationship with the Santa Clara city council is not getting any better anytime soon. The team has filed a lawsuit against the Santa Clara, and while I am on the hunt for the physical complaint, the San Jose Mercury News has a useful rundown of what it entails.

Santa Clara has accused the 49ers of being in breach, and the team is seeking declaratory relief and not a monetary award. Simply put, they want a judge to declare whether or not the team has violated its contract with the city. According to the Mercury News, the 49ers, “want the city to sign estoppel certificates saying they’re in compliance with their agreement — otherwise, the city must articulate the exact breach.”

“Defendants have falsely accused (the 49ers management company) of having failed to perform its obligations under the Stadium Management Agreement, despite the absence of any good, faith basis for such charges,” the lawsuit said.

There has been a lot of back and forth over how funds have been used to pay for various expenses. Some on the city council have accused the 49ers of using public money for certain expenses, while the 49ers claim that is not correct. There has been an on-going audit with disputes over whether or not the team has provided proper documents. The city claims the 49ers have refused to cooperate with the probe, while the team claims they have turned over certain documents, and invited the auditors to the team’s facility to view others they do not want made public (due to competitive disadvantage in sharing costs for bidding on events).

Once I get a copy of the lawsuit, I’ll drop it in.