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Something to take the edge off 49ers-Cardinals

John Lynch says be patient, I say watch the Mario Brothers be trolls

San Francisco 49ers v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

John Lynch told us to be patient in this rebuilding, and he wasn’t kidding. Not only did the 49ers lose today, but the world at large got subjected to one of the worst football games ever played. It’s hard to keep patience when the 49ers keep coming up short in games like this, but the thing to remember is the 49ers aren’t getting blown out. They’ve been in three out of four games until the end. Forget the record, this team is much better than last year.


Losses like the last two are dangerous though, because of the locker room mentality when two winnable games slips by. I said last week with the Rams, a loss like the 49ers had could help the team, but this one helps no one. Kyle Shanahan is absolutely right in his press conference saying the 49ers need to throw and catch better. If they did, the Cardinals would have been beaten handily. They also need to stop getting penalties. Going over 100 yards in penalties doesn’t help anyone.

But still, the 49ers are a work in progress and it’s about the good things you can pick out. I’ve said time and time again it’s not just losing, but how you lose. The ‘how’ here is infinitely better than the ‘how’ in the Tomsula/Kelly regimes. We just need to stay patient and hope the team can keep itself together through these rough stretches.

Anyways, enough criticism, I’m here to somehow make us feel better, though I know I’ll fail. I came across these videos the other day and found myself laughing so hard, milk came through my nose. Since I’m the video game guy, I’ll just post this and leave you to it.

Stay faithful, my friends.