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Marquise Goodwin wants to set the record straight about his concussions

The wide receiver spoke to me following his latest concussion

NFL: Carolina Panthers at San Francisco 49ers Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Marquise Goodwin played in the game facing the Colts shortly after being in the concussion protocol. He missed part of the game in Arizona due to what the team reported as an eye/head injury, and later it was released that he was in the protocol. After the game reports came out that he had sustained his fourth concussion within 14 months. When I asked him if he was beginning to become concerned about head injuries he stopped me.

I want to set the record straight. I’ve had two concussions in the last 14 months. I don't know where people get four, or five, or six, or how ever many people say, but I have two. One in Buffalo last year vs. Miami Dolphins in the fourth quarter and one last week.

This time it was just vision, it was concussion symptoms. I wouldn’t quite call it a concussion, but the team, they did their job, they did what they had to do to keep me safe so, it’s just part of the protocol and I was alright to play this week obviously. I practiced every day, I didn’t miss any days so it’s just part of protocol.

When I asked Goodwin to clarify his symptoms, he replied that his eyes were just sensitive to light. He had gone back into the game for a few plays in Arizona before sitting the remainder of the game out. He has used visors in the past, and wore a tinted version in Indianapolis to protect his eyes from the light.

Goodwin’s concussion when he was with the Bills included a loss of consciousness after hitting his head on the turf after going up high for a catch. He was in the concussion protocol two additional times while with the Bills, once after a preseason game and another time after playing the Jets. Neither of those times did Goodwin lose consciousness or miss the next game. It looks as though being in the protocol doesn’t count officially as having a concussion to Goodwin.