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NFL trade rumors: 49ers have ‘received and made calls about RB Carlos Hyde’

The 49ers could be an active team as the trade deadline approaches.

San Francisco 49ers v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The 2017 NFL trade deadline arrives on October 31, and it’s safe to say the San Francisco 49ers will be making and fielding plenty of phone calls. A day after the team released linebacker NaVorro Bowman, Denver area radio host Benjamin Allbright is reporting they have “received and made calls about RB Carlos Hyde.”

Allbright is not a big national name, but he’s broken some news over the past couple years. Most recently, he was reporting a few days before national media that the Chicago Bears would switch to Mitchell Trubisky.

Hyde is a free agent after this season, and his role in the 49ers offense remains a bit of a question. Kyle Shanahan gave more snaps to Matt Breida this past week, saying after the game that they were going with the “hot hand.” This week, the distribution of touches will be worth keeping an eye on. Are we seeing the transition that results in a Carlos Hyde trade? Or is this just some smoke for the time being?

The 49ers don’t have much depth at running back if they do trade Hyde. Breida would be the starter and Raheem Mostert would be his backup. After that, Jeremy McNichols is an option on the practice squad. Considering the current rebuilding process, I suppose it wouldn’t be the most shocking development. However, as a pending free agent, Hyde’s value is limited to a certain degree.

Do you see a deal happening between now and the end of the month?