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Kyle Shanahan was not pleased with the refs calling offensive pass interference on Pierre Garçon

It was a pretty crappy call that might have cost the 49ers a win.

The San Francisco 49ers had a shot to beat Washington on Sunday, losing 26-24 after their final drive came up short. The 49ers had a 2nd and 10 at the Washington 40, with 23 seconds left. On the next play, Pierre Garçon ran a slant route, and as Beathard fired a pass at hime, he bumped into a defender. The officials called offensive pass interference on Garçon. It set up a 2nd and 20 at the 50, moving the 49ers out of the deepest range for Robbie Gould.

You can see the play above, and recognize the problem with the call. There was no illegal pick on the play, and instead would have been best suited as a defensive pass interference call.

After the game, Kyle Shanahan was asked about the play. When asked what happened that play, he said, “I saw a slant route on a flat route and the guy guarding the flat route run into a guy.”

The follow-up question was if it could have been a pick play if Garçon was the intended receiver. Shanahan was firm in saying, “No. Absolutely not. It’s a slant on a flat route.”

After the game, Garçon was asked about the play, and he kept it pretty simple. He said, “I can’t talk about the referees.” Well put, Pierre.

Fooch’s update: It’s safe to say Pierre Garçon is not please with the call.